Community Council is a great way for parents to get involved with the school meaningfully. The Community Council is charged with identifying needs in the school and is provided with a significant budget from the state’s School Land Trust. This revenue source allows parents and teachers to create meaningful support systems for students in our local community.

Community Council members are elected to represent the parents of the school. They participate in developing improvement plans.

Parowan High School has a well-organized and involved Community Council. These elected members work hard to create the best atmosphere possible for the students at PHS. If you have any concerns that you feel need to be addressed by the Council, don't hesitate to contact any member of that group. The Council meets regularly to discuss school climate school improvement and to help determine the use of the School Land Trust Money. The public is invited to attend our posted meetings.

We invite all parents to attend our meetings or serve on the Council. As a parent, you are vital in helping us determine how our money is spent.