Policy IGDA-R:

Who can attend:

Parowan High School dances are designated exclusively for PHS students grades 9-12 that are currently enrolled. 

Student Admission Requirements:

Students will be asked to produce their Student ID’s as they enter the activity.

PHS Accompanying Visitor Admission Requirements:

Any student that is not a current PHS High School student grades (9-12) will be required to do the following: 

  1.  Complete a Dance Guest Pass Form.

  • The form is located on our school website.

  • The form needs to be completed and returned to the office, or produced at the dance before entering. 

  1. The dance guest must be currently enrolled in High School and no older than 18 years of age.

  2. The guest must also be in good standing from their boundary school.

  3. The guest is also expected to follow all rules associated with Parowan High School.

The form requires the signatures of the PHS student, the accompanying guest, and the boundary administrator.  

Dance Safety:

1-All participants will be checked for an ID when entering the dance.  Those that can not produce an ID in the form of a school activity card or visitor pass will not be allowed to participate.  

2-All students agree to follow the rules of PHS and Iron County School District. 

Dance Guest Form

Dance Guest Form