ICSD Registration

PHS Registration

1.  Complete the Iron County School District enrollment online using ScribEnroll.  

2. Please call or come in to the school to schedule an appointment with Counseling for new student registration. (435) 477-3366

3. Please bring with you when registering at PHS:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Transcripts (transfer credits)

  • Record of grades-in-progress if transferring during a term

  • Immunization Record or Exemption Certificate (Hepatitis & Chicken Pox  – parent can sign if student has had chicken pox; TD booster for all incoming 7th graders)

  • Proof of Residency (must show physical address in PHS boundaries) and PO Box

  • Copy of Parent/Guardian Identification

  • Special Education Record (if applicable)

*If the student is living with someone other than the parent(s), proof of legal guardianship must be furnished.

*If the student is from out-of-state, a tuition fee (the current pupil expenditure) must be paid to the Iron County School District OR full legal guardianship must be obtained.  See ICSD Policy JECB-E1.

*During the SUMMER MONTHS, please e-mail the counselor @ 
mindy.memmott@ironmail.org to schedule an appointment or call 435-477-3366 and leave a message.

4.  Visit the office of the school where your child will be enrolled to obtain a username and password to create your PowerSchool parent access account (you must verify your identity in person at the school to safeguard the privacy of your and your child’s information).  


5.  After you have created your PowerSchool parent access account, log in and digitally sign the forms that allow your child to participate fully in school (e.g. the technology Responsible Use Policy) by clicking “Forms”.