Childhood Cancer

Did you know September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

Parowan High School's commitment to raising awareness about childhood cancer hit a heartfelt stride as PHS fall sports athletes proudly dress in childhood cancer shirts for special games. In a poignant tribute to a local hero, Cade Hulet, the faculty and staff also rode a homecoming float dedicated to showing their support. This display of unity and support sheds light on the critical issue of childhood cancer.  

Tuesday, the volleyball team and cheerleaders at Parowan High School took to the court and sidelines adorned in childhood cancer shirts, creating a visual representation of their commitment to raising awareness about childhood cancer and honoring Cade. The orange, associated with leukemia, and the gold for childhood cancer awareness were prominently displayed, capturing the attention of all in attendance.  The girl's soccer team will host an awareness game on Thursday, and football will play an awareness game to honor Cade during Friday night's homecoming game.

The athletes, cheerleaders, student sections, and community members showcase their dedication to bringing attention to this critical cause by dedicating a game to honor those battling and who have battled childhood cancer. This gesture goes beyond just raising awareness. It is a tribute to Cade Hulet, a courageous PHS 8th grader battling childhood cancer/Leukemia with unwavering determination and strength.

The involvement of the athletes, cheerleaders, student body, and faculty and staff in this awareness initiative illustrates the unity and solidarity within the Parowan High School community. They have set a powerful example of compassion and empathy by coming together and standing up for a cause that affects countless lives.

The gesture by Parowan High School's athletics, cheerleaders, student body, faculty, and staff to raise awareness about childhood cancer is a testament to the power of unity and compassion. By wearing childhood cancer shirts and dedicating a homecoming float from the faculty and staff to Cade, they have taken a meaningful step in addressing this critical issue and honoring the heroes who have faced it. Their actions echo the sentiment that we can strive to create a brighter future for children and families affected by childhood cancer through collective effort and awareness.

CADE HULET- PHS 8th grader
Diagnosed with ALL Leukemia June 21, 2023. Will have treatment for three years, then five years after follow-up scans. Cade and his family travel to Primary Children's Hospital weekly, where Cade has treatments & lumbar punctures.

ANOTHER PHS STUDENT who also had childhood Leukemia/Cancer..
AVERY EVANS, now 17, was diagnosed with ALL leukemia at age five and is now a PHS Senior and a  cancer survivor. 

SOPHIA KOHLER, 12 years old, & a 7th grader at  PHS, also diagnosed with ALL Leukemia, fought the battle against childhood cancer. She was diagnosed at age 4 and was considered cancer-free as of last October.

BRINN TUTTLE, a Parowan Elementary 6th grader, was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor kidney cancer at 2 1/2 years old.  Brinn was declared a survivor 4 years ago today, in 2019.