Homecoming week at PHS came to a meaningful close, coinciding with a week dedicated to honoring and raising awareness about childhood cancer and our own Cade Hulet. Students and athletes united to shine a spotlight on this important cause, displaying their empathy and support for children fighting this battle.

Gold is the symbolic color for childhood cancer. Orange is the color of Leukemia.  PHS students and athletes wore orange &/or gold accessories or clothing items to show solidarity and support for children battling cancer, especially Cade.

It's truly heartwarming to see how PHS united to honor Cade and raise awareness for childhood cancer during homecoming week. The initiative to wear symbolic colors, distribute merchandise, and support Cade in various athletic events showcased the strength of the PHS community. Here's a summary of the extraordinary efforts to support and raise awareness for childhood cancer during the week:

  • Honoring Cade and Childhood Cancer Awareness: Throughout the week, the PHS community wore symbolic colors, sported special clothing, and showcased their support for Cade and childhood cancer awareness.

  • Sporting "Go Gold" Merchandise: A table was set up at games offering stickers, bracelets, temporary tattoos, and information about childhood cancer to encourage everyone to "Go Gold" in support of the cause.

  • Special Volleyball Game for Cade: Volleyball players and cheerleaders wore "Crush Leukemia" shirts, orange and gold bows or ribbons, and orange socks and paint in a special game dedicated to Cade.

  • Cross-Country Team Goes Gold: The entire cross-country team traveled to Enterprise and donned gold attire to show their support for Cade and childhood cancer awareness.

  • Soccer Game in Gold/Orange: The girl's soccer team played a special gold/orange-themed game, wearing yellow socks and sporting gold and orange paint and ribbons.

  • Cade as the Honorary Football Captain: Cade was honored as the honorary captain during the homecoming football game, emphasizing his strength and resilience in the face of childhood cancer.

  • Homecoming Theme: "GOLD": The homecoming football game adopted the theme "GOLD," further emphasizing the support and awareness for childhood cancer.

This week not only celebrated homecoming in a spirited manner but also served as a platform to raise awareness for childhood cancer, showcasing the solidarity and compassion of the PHS community. 

It was an incredible and eventful week full of exciting activities and spirited events.  Here is a recap of the highlights!

  • Monday: Crazy Sock Day Kicked off the week with quirky and fun sock styles, setting the lively tone for the upcoming days.

  • Tuesday: White Out Day with Orange/Gold Students embraced the white-out theme along with orange and gold accents, bringing the school spirit to life. The hall decorations and skit preparations added to the excitement.

  • Wednesday: Harry Potter Day A magical day celebrating the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Halls were judged, and the school was filled with creativity and enchantment.

  • Thursday: Anything but a Backpack Day Creativity took the stage as students showcased their unique and imaginative alternatives to backpacks.

  • Friday: Gold Out Day All about showing support for childhood cancer awareness by wearing gold. The school was adorned in gold attire, uniting for a meaningful cause.

  • Homecoming Court Assembly and Parade The assembly provided insights into the homecoming court and their involvement at PHS. The parade brought the community together, showcasing class floats, athletes and spreading cheer.  

  • Homecoming Night Time Activities Buff Puff Volleyball, tug of war, laundry basket race, ice block relay, and the exciting Powder Puff Football game filled the night with fun and friendly competition.  Seniors came out on top over the juniors in both the Buff Puff game and the Powder Puff game.  The seniors also kept their streak alive in the tug of war, being undefeated their entire high school career.

  • Sports Victories Volleyball and soccer teams achieved victories, adding to the celebratory spirit of homecoming. Including a huge win for the Volleyball team against Kanab. 

  • Homecoming Football Game Homecoming royalty was presented,  Matilee Sudweeks and Kendall Wilkey were presented as Queen and King.  SUU Aviation dropped the game ball to start the football game against Kanab.  The band performed at halftime and the Cheerleaders and Rammettes came together to perform great entertainment, keeping the crowd electrified. 

  • Coach B Classic and Homecoming Dance on Saturday The Coach B Classic volleyball tournament showcased skill and determination, culminating with the homecoming dance in the evening, allowing everyone to celebrate and dance the night away.

Overall, the week was a perfect blend of school spirit, athletic achievements, creativity, and community involvement, making this homecoming week a memorable and joyful event for PHS.